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Looking to capture the good moments in life to cherish forever? We provide professional photo-taking services in Hong Kong to help you achieve just that
Professional Photo Shooting Studio Whether you want to shoot a fashion photo album or graduation photos, capture fun moments with your best friends, or take warm family portraits to put on the wall at home, we offer best-in-class photography services to meet every need. Unlike many other photo shooting studios in Hong Kong, we boast a spacious and stylish environment, as well as a professional lighting set-up to help you attain your desired effect or mood. In addition, we also provide clothing, makeup and shooting guidance, so you don't have a thing to worry about the nitty-gritty details. Just bring along your happy smiles and leave the rest to our professional photographers!
Professional Portrait Photography
Professional Portrait Photography

With the rise of social media, portrait photography has also grown in popularity in Hong Kong. Whether it’s for a professional profile image to put on your CV or simply photos to show off your best self on social media, portrait photos are like your personal brand logo, so it is crucial to get it right with professional photo taking.

Good Moment Studio offers professional photo shooting services for all kinds of portrait photography, including job application photos, artistic photos, fashion photos, professional photos, etc. At Good Moment Studio, our professional photographers will take care of all the angles, lighting, and shooting details, helping you capture your best side. Coupled with professional equipment and stylish background, you are bound to come out with top-quality photos.

No matter what type of photos you plan on shooting, Good Moment has you covered. Our photography studio is conveniently located in Langham Place, Mong Kok, right above the subway. We offer a comfortable and spacious on-site area, giving you the full five-star professional photo shooting experience.

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If you want to find out more about our professional photo shooting services or are interested in booking a session at our studio, do not hesitate to whatsapp us at (+852) 6611 8975 or email us at You can also visit us at our store in Langham Place. We look forward to helping you capture your best moments!